It’s not Easy being Green

Farmer Season is drawing to a close.  Last week was our last regular season box, so after 4 more weeks of extended season, we’ll be done for the year.  We received a giant bunch of Swiss chard, a bag of baby Swiss chard, and for some reason I was temporarily insane enough to grab an extra bag of baby chard from the discard box.  I gave one bag to Jin, but I had already pulled this recipe in anticipation of the chard.  We did get rainbow chard earlier in the season, but we had to make do with the green stuff this week.   The recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens’ June 2016 issue.

Black Bean & Rainbow Chard Tortillas

We topped these beauties with sour cream, sweet chili sauce, and a generous squeeze of lime.  Despite the tostada connotation, we did roll them up and eat them like tacos.  Verdict:  Fantastic!  The recipe was light on prep, and I do love anything that gets cooked in one pan.  The tortilla was slightly crispy and the beans added a creaminess that was unexpected.  Great for meatless Monday or any day of the week.  You could easily use spinach or arugula or a blend of greens in place of the chard, but it was pretty perfect as is. Will definitely make these again!

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