Clearance Banana Bites

I met my husband for lunch one day last week after spending the morning with his sister and her ADORABLE twins.  I had a charming time with these 15 month old cuties.  After lunch I treated myself with a trip to WOODMAN’S (heavenly music).  The clearance treasures were not super exciting, though I’m kicking myself for bypassing a $5 pork shoulder after leafing through my recipe pile  after I returned home that day.  But I did bring home a brown paper grocery bag filled with at least 6 bunches of bananas.  They were not overly ripe or in any way damaged.  They were $0.99 for the entire bag!

Fate brought this Cooking Light video to my newsfeed yesterday, and it was an easy way to use up 4 bananas very quickly.  Besides the oats, I used 2 tablespoons each of chia and flax seeds.  I didn’t click for the printed recipe, but I used 4 bananas and a cup and a half of oats.  I baked them at 350º for about 16 minutes.

Verdict:  Not sweet at all, and Husband suggested brown sugar as another add-in.  I think the chocolate chips pictured in the video would add the perfect amount of sugar.  I didn’t think the treats were bad, but they also weren’t that great.   There’s no way this will ever be a cookie to me, not without the flour to give it some crispiness.  But if you want a guilt-free snack or treat, or a quick breakfast, this fits the bill.  They are very easy and quick to make which is definitely a plus over cookies or muffins.  I might make them again to experiment with some flavors and different sweeteners (honey, agave nectar, etc.).  Other than that, I don’t think they’d become one of my go-to items.




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