Clean Out the Recipe Files

I collect recipes. I clip them out of newspapers and magazines. I handwrite them on cards, scratch paper, and backs of envelopes. I photocopy them from other people’s cookbooks.  I Google them. I post them to my Facebook page.  I keep some in a secret recipe file on Facebook.  I am a recipe hoarder.

Some of my paper recipes have made it into a binder.  Others have earned their own file folder (pies, specifically, but that’s another blog post). Quite a few of them are stuffed in a beautiful tin.  Many are in a 2-pocket folder.  Too many are in piles on my kitchen counter and a kitchen cabinet shelf.


I got to thinking, how many people have these same habits?  Do we ever make these recipes, and if we do, are they worth it?  How many recipes become favorites or staples? Are they just taking up space?  And a grand experiment was born.

My goal for most of my posts here is to tackle those recipe piles.  I’ll include the original recipe, the source (if I have it– some of these are tiny old clippings that I may not be able to cite), and if I made modifications when I cooked the dish.  I’ll also give a recipe verdict– to keep or to toss– or what I would do differently if I attempted the dish again.  Maybe you’ll benefit from my test kitchen. Maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle your own recipe clutter.  Maybe we’ll just eat a lot more home-cooked meals.  Of course, each blog post will allow me to toss that paper recipe, because it will all be right here.  I call that a win.


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